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Job Interview Tips

Here you will find seven important interview tips and pointers that can be helpful when preparing for your job interview.

Interview tips presented in the following pages are another substantial part of you job interview preparation, which should also include a thorough review of the job interview questions and answers.

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Interview tip 1

Don't apologize

In awkward situations such as an interview some of us may feel scrutinized and apprehensive resulting in a tendency to be too self-critical. Consequently the situation may cause us to feel that we must apologize for who we are and what we do or did. Is this the right mode of behavior?
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Interview tip 2

Entering the interview

The first few seconds of an interview, when entering the room, are critical and may be detrimental. How should you enter the interview room?
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Interview tip 3

Dominating an interview

Many of us feel that demonstrating dominating behavior during an interview increases our relative power in the interview situation - is this true?
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Interview tip 4

Power and influence

Is the assumption that in an interview situation there is a lack of balance in power between the interviewer and interviewee correct? - You may be surprised as to how wrong that assumption is.
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Interview tip 5

Body language

A lot of advise is dispersed about what sort of body language one must exhibit during an interview - should this
really be your focus? Learn how to demonstrate good body language without even thinking about it.
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Interview tip 6

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice makes an impression, not always the one we intended to make. Learn how does the tone of voice influence the job interview progression.
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Interview tip 7

interview follow up email

Learn how to formulate an effective follow up email with our template and guidelines.
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